BioSquare tenants enjoy unparalleled access to value- added biomedical and operational core services, allowing tenants the convenience of utilizing specialized services and facilities without incurring considerable expense.

BioSquare tenants can access any of the following services and facilities on a fee-for-service basis including:
• a state-of-the-art 60,000-square-foot on-site animal research center

• a modified barrier, transgenic facility

Genomics Microarray Resource

Department of Genetics and Genomics

• a mass spectrometry resource facility

• a macromolecular x-ray crystallography facility

• a computation for structural biology core

• a variety of NMR spectroscopy cores:

• a cryo-electron microscope facility

• an Office of Clinical Research to assist in the conduct of clinical trials and studies

• on-site environmental health and safety consulting services

• on-site assistance in the proper handling and disposal of chemical, radioactive, and biohazardous materials

• the Confocal facility

• an on-site, full-service medical school library with use of national and international on-line bibliographic services and an extensive in-house collection

• on-site occupational medicine services

• on-site conference and catering services

• office and laboratory cleaning services

• design/construction management services related to office and laboratory projects

• on-site 24/7 security and parking

• on-site publications production and media services

• and many more

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